Don’t Limit yourself



there was a man, named “totoy”.
he was applying to become a JANITOR in a BIG COMPANY.

then, he was interviewed by the HR MANAGER.
because he really needs this JOB. A JANITORIAL position.

He Do all it takes to be STAR on the eyes of the HR MANAGER.
The Interview went well.

and the HR MANAGER said “YOU’RE HIRED!”

and totoy jump his heart to the joy! and on his mind he’s like a child saying “yehey!”.

and then the HR MANAGER said, “do you have an EMAIL? i’m going to send you all the requirements so you can start asap.”

totoy replied, “excuse me sir, i don’t have an email.”

and then the HR MANAGER was like a HOT AIR BALLOON going to burst out because of what totoy said.

He told totoy, “YOU’RE NOT HIRED! Today, a man who does not have an email do not exist. Therefore YOU! ARE! NOT! HIRED!”
he said disrespectfully.

And totoy went off to that office sadly.

he has only 200 pesos remaining on his wallet.

and his daughter, his little angel waiting for him on their house with empty stomach because of nothing to eat.

but totoy, stopped. and think. because, he can’t go home useless, and awful. He tried another way!

he went to the market,

bought a 200 pesos worth of vegetables.

sell it house to house.

and after 2hrs, his 200 pesos became 400 pesos.

and went again to the market, bought a 400 pesos worth of vegetables.

sell it house to house.

and after 3hrs, his 400 pesos became 1200.

he noticed that it is still early, so he went again to the market.

sell it house to house to the another barrios.

and before the sun goes down, his 1200 pesos became 3000 pesos.

He went home, and before he sleep, he told himself, “wait. did i earned all of this? did i sold all of the vegetables succesfully?”

“ah. so i did. i am great! i’ll continue doing this!”, he added.

so tomorrow, he bought again another set of vegetables.

after 2 weeks, he was able to buy a cart to help himself on his little business.

after 2 months, he was able to buy a Truck for his business.

after 2 years, he was able to buy 10 trucks, and he became a vegetable supplier on a different big restaurants.

after 10 years, he became a very RICH MAN.

and a friend of him, come and sold him a life insurance.

and when totoy finished signing his papers, his requirements. he give it back to his friend.

and when his friend, checked all the papers, he said “ah.. Totoy, i mean Sir, please put your email address here.”
pointing at the remaining blanked line on the paper.

and totoy said, “ah. i’m sorry. but i don’t have an email”

and then his friend was shocked and said, “waahhh. seriously? you didn’t have an EMAIL?”

“you have a big business empire!, and you didn’t have an EMAIL? then who you would become if you have an EMAIL?!”,
he continued.

and then totoy replied, “A JANITOR.”.

all of us people, should live this way.
we should also, learn to FOCUS NOT ON THE PROBLEM.
we should also, learn to FOCUS ON OUR PURPOSE.
we should see the problem, as a sign of a much greater OPPORTUNITY.
we should see ourself the way GOD sees us.
we have impefections but what we need to do is to use our much greater ability.
discover it now!
YOU ARE SO BLESSED! don’t Limit yourself!
share it to others!

Proverbs 3:5
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”12743932_1068913619796066_8365321228054017707_n


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